arensis on the power need in Africa

Social Impact: Energy Investment Changing the World


While we take reliable energy for granted in western countries, it is still not available for more than one billion people in other parts of the world, primarily Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia and areas of the Americas. Energy means life, progress, health, education, information and so much more. It is the foundation of modern societies and is needed to give people an opportunity to live healthy lives.

Despite advancements in new technologies, rural electrification has not improved in recent years (with few exceptions). Energy prioritization in developing countries, the most critically impacted by climate change, typically limits resources to businesses before low-income rural societies are served. Cost, logistics and political willpower are often to blame.

At arensis we are working to fund smaller projects. We see a massive impact-driven financial opportunity to grow in developing markets by creating the right funding streams. Today, so much can be done technically on an off-grid basis- from integrating solar, biomass and storage into a mobile, scalable microgrid, to the usage of waste heat for water purification and desalinization. German engineering and support of international investors on a super transparent blockchain basis will revolutionize the way projects are funded, operated and implemented. The future of energy is 100% decentralized and renewable- we need you to be part of that revolution!

We focus on peer2peer energy generation, not just trading. As a renewable energy project developer, our goal is to manage energy demand and supply. From R&D through financing and deployment, arensis is a complete hard- and software integrated decentralized power provider with a unique IOT based business model that immediately benefits from the implementation of blockchain technology.

My journey started working for the German Government in Ethiopia over ten years ago with the idea to generate and distribute renewable energy. The first thing I learned was the need for direct distribution in the form of stored energy, energy services or direct microgrid transmission lines. The issue most companies are ignoring is the energy generation part because it is complicated and needs multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience to be adopted in local markets. The energy access problems of two billion people will not be solved by an app alone.

Our expertise lies in using a high-temperature thermochemical process to convert a variety of carbon combinations (waste) into synthesis natural gas that can be used in any function natural gas is typically used, for example power generation.  


We believe that arensis with a proven track-record of investing and delivering innovative energy solutions on a global scale has the opportunity to build a meaningful blockchain based utility that democratizes the funding of energy projects while reducing costs and servicing large number of people, especially in developing countries who are not served by traditional banking and funding structures. Blockchain technology can deliver smart customer contracts on a global scale much cheaper and more efficiently than current currency exchange-based sales and trading models.


Crypto-currencies have the power to circumvent, and thus reduce reliance on age-old financial systems whose complacency has not gone unnoticed. It is the missing piece of the puzzle to build direct peer-to-peer utility solutions. Arensis believes that an international contract-backed diversified investment currency can offer a viable alternative.


We are building on our expertise in long-term recurring revenue models that are economically viable and sustainable. These are the key to ensuring the stable and continuous supply of energy to our customers and partners. We believe that we can build a leaner, more direct utility service that offers multiple benefits to our investors and customers alike through a scalable funding structure for global energy projects.


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