Blockchain- the future of decentralized energy

Developing the first truly off-grid global blockchain energy company for social impact

Developing the first truly off-grid global blockchain energy company for social impact

The vision of arensis is to combine its German-engineered waste2energy technology with solar, storage and the Entrade blockchain platform, building the first completely web-based utility that can be managed on a mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

Our goal is to bring energy to the people who need it most! Ten years ago, we envisioned a mobile power plant that converts waste into clean electricity, heating and cooling right where it is needed- providing decentralized renewable energy to customers worldwide.

We started by converting local waste into clean energy that empowers entire communities. After years of intense research, in 2015 we were voted the best technology product “Made in Germany” and exhibited 2 power units at Hannover Trade Fair which was opened by Angela Merkel and Barak Obama. Since then, we have built 200 power units in 11 countries.

In 2017, with our partners from Schneider Electric, we introduced the first mobile IOT based utility service- combining remote system operation from our service center in Graz, Austria, into a smart, fully automated micro-grid that can be deployed and operated anywhere in the world. This ranked us as the number one most innovative energy generation company in the world by Fast Company 2018.

arensis global control plattform


The Blockchain Future

Blockchain technology is the missing piece to finalizing our vision of allowing direct investment into energy contracts regardless of the location of the funder and the operation. Current project financing only serves financially stable energy off-takers, while smaller projects are typically not bankable. Over the last twelve months we have invested over $50 million USD to build a vertically integrated wood waste2energy company in the UK and are embarking on many other meaningful projects, especially in the developing world.

Arensis is currently raising additional funds in order to replicate this blueprint in new markets. The energy markets are changing drastically with margins of large scale power providers being chipped away by renewables every day. The future will be decentralized and 100% renewable.

Our vision is based on democratizing the investment process by building a simplified platform for investors and supporters to participate in smaller financial transactions and make decentralized energy economically viable for customers in need.

Through smart contracts, the energy off-taker / consumer has the ability to buy energy via an app without the need for a traditional banking infrastructure. The Entrade platform becomes a trading opportunity for pre-paid energy tokens which are limited to the number of coins issued and the energy generation capacity available.

The ENTRADE Blockchain Platform

* Reduce financial transaction cost to create maximum impact with money invested.

* Maximize transparency with traceable transactions.

* Support local farmers to grow energy crops as part of reforestation projects, creating a waste-free circular economy.

* Allow direct social giving - gift energy to your favorite school in rural Uganda, for example.

* Exchange tokens directly for energy from anywhere in the world.

* Offset risk from fluctuating currency, inflation and corruption.

* Create jobs in operation of power systems, sale of goods, transportation, growing of biofuels and processing.

* Empower communities and lower dependence on large utilities and government institutions.

* Provide clean decentralized energy which can be used for water filtration and treatment - energy also means clean water.

* Use biochar as a high-quality biochar to improve ground soil and store water better and longer.

* Replace antiquated SCADA based utility infrastructure with resilient energy micro-grids.


 arensis presenting the Decentralized Grid at Hannover Trade Fair 2017


Interview with Jürgen Siefert, Vice President Industry OEM Schneider Electric Germany, Hannover Messe 2017 (In German)