Job Opportunities and Education at arensis 

Earn your Master of Engineering Degree in Graz, Austria 

Arensis offers part-time employment to bachelor’s degree students wishing to earn their full Master of Engineering degree in English and/or German as well as dedicated research PhD programs. We are building a diverse workforce with applicants from all over the world and offer vocational training and higher education programs at the fastest growing global organization developing the future of decentralized energy. 

Real-World Experience with Deep On-the-Job Technical Training 

Converting multiple waste streams into clean electricity, heating and cooling is a massive challenge. Every waste stream reacts differently under different conditions in the ENTRADE power systems- ash melting and ash content characteristics are different for every single one of the carbon waste streams we are testing. This provides a unique opportunity for advanced technical training for future engineers. 

Arensis works closely with leading universities around the world to train the next generation of world-class engineers. In Graz Austria – arensis owns Highterm Research and currently trains approximately 30 young engineers from around the world in all the aspects of running ENTRADE power equipment and testing organic and inorganic fuels. In close collaboration with the technical university in Graz, we offer a completely sponsored Master of Engineering degree while working part-time with flexible hours in our 800 m2 Remote Management Center and Laboratory. Graz offers a very high quality of life, a great opportunity to learn German and a world-class education.  



For special Fields of Interest, we offer internships and opportunities to develop a bachelor’s degree, masters and/or PhD thesis at our locations in Munich, Germany for Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering. We also offer IT development training at our small IT Center in Regensburg, Germany.  


  • Master of Engineering – Graz, Austria 

  • PhD Thesis, Bachelor’s Degree Development, Internships – Munich, Germany 

  • IT Development – Regensburg, Germany 



Women Engineers Needed 

Arensis is devoted to developing a diverse and inclusive technical engineering staff. We recognize the need for more women in engineering and are actively recruiting women to join our technical team.